terça-feira, janeiro 24, 2012


Today was once again
hard to wake up
to get out of bed

But today is another day
and you are still gone

Today is the day I´ll get
over you
Today I´ll start looking
for the person I used to be
before you

A warrior, a mage
A poet, a bard
A prince, a king

All the parts of me
That you stripped away
Slowly, oh, so slowly
Lovingly, carefully
I didn´t even notice

Today at the shower
I´ll let the power of the water
wash away all the influence you had over me

The air I breathe will blow away
all my dependence of you

The warmth of my coffe will burn
all my old needs of you

The bread I eat will nurture me
so my heart will outgrow you

When I leave my house today
I won´t be the one you left behind
The one who loved you

I´ll be once more

Um comentário:

  1. Já deixei de acreditar que poderia arrancar qualquer coisa que alguém em mim deixou... Não vejo um poder na água pra me limpar dos toques, da caricia, daquele olhar meigo, da cordialidade que ela tinha...
    E tão pouco acredito poder ser o que um dia fui antes dela, se regressar meu eu a algo regressarei ao que fui junto a ela...
    kiss e linda letra de música.


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