terça-feira, dezembro 07, 2010

thErE aRE TimES

There are times
When I just wanna lie down
Pretend that I´m dead
Trying to sleep
Trying to forget
Trying to numb it
The pain
This pain within

My body has been beaten in the past
My mind has been challenged in the past
My spirit has been broken in the past

And now, in the present
All of me, destroyed once again

There are times
When I wanna scream to the heavens
Shout it out
Cry it out
And let the tears wash it away

I feel the storm brewing inside me
An immense cloud
Of the deepest black
Circling, growing
I can feel the lightning zapping
Chocking my heart
Demanding to be released
But it won´t go

I don’t know why
I want to
I wanna let it go
Run it´s course
And set me free

But, again, it won´t leave me

My sobs come up from my chest
Just to die in my throat
My tears fill my eyes
And don´t run down my cheeks
My cry of agony comes out muffled

Why, I ask myself
The answer
Oh, man, wish I knew

I need help

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