sexta-feira, novembro 19, 2010

Has been, it is, will be

when I was a child
I did childish things
I played with my toys
I was a good boy
I was warm and caring

then i grew up
and stopped being a child
I tried to still be a good boy
I tried to still care
but, mostly, I failed

cuz i fell in love
I loved so hard
loved the wrong person
and my heart was
till was almost pure dust

so I built myself a armor
to shield myself
protect myself
I became cynical

there were times
I let my guard down
for a shot at love
some of those times
were worth it
and some were not

after each fall
I rose again
a bit wiser
with my armor
a bit thicker
and hopefully
for my sake
a bit stronger

3 comentários:

  1. Não importa quantas vezes vc caia, se machuque, mude... tudo isso vai voltar a acontecer como um circulo sem fim.
    E por mais q tentamos nos preparar para o futuro a vida sempre nos reserva uma surpresa...
    Mtas vezes o que parece bom é justamente o mal.


  2. Disse tudo She Wolf.
    I loved what you said.
    You're a good boy and will be save :)

  3. good boys dont get the one they want
    just the bad boys...
    so not fair


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